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Mitigating a No Deal

       In early January, Honda announced its' No Deal Brexit mitigation strategy.   Initially, this would lead to a 6 day closure of the Swindon plant.  Initially, this is to cover the period of anticipated logistical issues resulting from problems at various points...

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2019 A Year of Opportunity?

              Welcome to 2019! This year promises to be dramatic for UK Business. Firstly, to kick things off the Political Pantomime that is Westminster reconvenes on 8 January.   Secondly, the Meaningful Vote takes place no later than 21st January.  As things...

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Wear the CAP or walk away?

        The Original Intention    Since it's inception the Common Agricultural Policy ("CAP") has been beset with criticism. Originally, the objectives of the CAP were set out in the Treaty of Rome in 1957 then reiterated by the EU.  These objectives are set out...

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Xmas. A Break from Brexit

          THE XMAS HOLIDAYS. AN ESCAPE FROM BREXIT?              It's Xmas and Parliament has thankfully given us a break from Brexit!  Hooray!    So Why Are We Posting About Brexit?     The holiday season allows businesses some time to plan the forthcoming calendar...

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