Brexit :- An explanation from the rest of the world

It’s hard enough for most of the UK population to understand Brexit.  So what does the rest of the world make of the divorce between the UK and Europe? The Europeans generally seem to be dismayed at the departure of the UK from the European Union.

This may be bacause as some have argued that the central triangle of the EU, (France, Germany and the UK) has now been broken.  This may well create a seismic power shift in the political dynamics of the Union.  Alternatively, as the UK was one of the larger contributors there will be a financial impact of its departure.

Further afield the perspectives on Brexit are many and varied.  President Trump has little affection for the EU and backed the Leave campaign whereas his predecessor President Obama backed Remain.

A Non-Brit View of the UK / EU Divorce

The details of Brexit are hard enough for EU and UK residents to understand.  What however do people outside of our continent think?  Fortunately, this piece from CNN illustrates the confusion the rest of the world has with the Great Divorce.

So what of the view of the rest of the UK’s Commonwealth? Surprisingly, there is incredulity from some parts with this piece from the University of Canberra trying to explain the situation occuring in the mother country.

Whilst there does not seem to be much international support for the divorce, the decision rests with the UK electorate.

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