“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” —W. Edwards Deming

The Business Health Check


Your business is dynamic. In addition, it exists in an ever changing environment. For instance, examples include new technologies, new competitors, new staff etc.  As a result, in an ever shifting world, your business needs to be continually adapting. 


Consequently we have introduced our business health check.  Primarily, the health check is designed to help you identify areas for imrpovement.  As a result, we believe the conclusions from the health check would be central to the development of your business transformation and strategy.


Our Approach


Initially, we will meet you to discuss your business aspirations and objectives. 


Then the focus will be on examing your current systems and processes.


Through this work we will establish your baseline.  Thus we will evaluate the probability of you achieving your goals within your existing framework.  


 Through both additional dialogue with your team combined with desk top research and analysis, we will assess your business’s effectiveness.  


 Consequently, we will identify areas that can be improved.  


 In addition, we will make suggestions as to how these improvements can be achieved.  


 Nonetheless, we will discuss our findings with you.  


 Ultimately though the final implementation of any changes remains your decision.




At the end of our work we will present a report


  • outlining the areas for improvement
  • how these improvements will benefit your business 
  • suggesting methods of achieving the improvement
  • some  thoughts on how to implement the improvements  

Through our business transformation and srategy work we do not necessarily look to create business revolution but practical business evolution. 


Needless to say we don’t aim for the stars in our view all changes must be able to be implemented otherwise they are simply aspirations.


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