The Beginning of the Journey

The beginning was December 2008, Tyson Fury stepped into the ring in Nottingham for his first professional fight.  Subsequently, fast forward to July 2011, Fury has defeated Derek Chisora and taken his professional record to 15-0.  Furthermore, Fury had become the British and Commonwealth Champion in the process.

The First Summit

Destroying his opponents one by one, Fury gained the right to fight the legend that was Wladimir Klitschko.   Klitschko had gone undefeated for a decade and had won more heavyweight title bouts than anyone in history.  Subsequently, the fight took place in November 2015.  Whilst a defensive fight, Fury won the fight by unanimous points decision.  Thus, Tyson Fury, the Gypsy King was undisputed World Champion…………..for 10 days.  Unfortunately, after 10 days the IBF removed their belt.  This was because, Fury had a rematch clause agreed with Klischko which meant he couldn’t fight the IBF challenger.

The Fall

In June 2016 the UK Anti Doping agency charged Fury “with presence of a prohibited substance” from a sample 16 months previously in February 2015.  Subsequently, Fury denied the claim.  Unfortunately, the writing was however on the wall. Therefore, at the point of his greatest success and with the potential for international recognition, his world collapsed. Within a year after his win, Fury went from the pinnacle of his sport to reviled has-been.

After a litany of outrageous comments to the press, and on social media combined with a spiral of mental health and addiction issues, he retired from boxing.  Unfortunately, Fury retired without defending his title once. Subsequently, he ballooned to 400 pounds. Additionally, he was publicly denounced, declared mentally unfit for a 2016 rematch with Klitschko, and at his lowest point was on high-alert suicide watch.

Furthermore, he became a magnification of the self-destructive tendencies of many young professional boxers.

From Adversity the Fury Returns

In January 2018, Fury announced his return on soial media.  Subsequently, his first fight was scheduled for June 2018.

Amazingly, Fury weighed 276 pounds at the weigh in, a sensational reduction in weight.  Needless to say, a victory followed.

In August, he fought again winning and setting up a fight against the undefeated Deontay Wilder (40 fights with 39 by knock out).

To the Victor the Spoils

On December 1st 2018, Wilder and Fury fought each other to a standstill.  Despite Wilder flooring Fury twice the warhorse returned to his feet on both occasions.  Thus Wilder could not believe Fury’s resilience and paid him huge respect post fight.  Unfortunately, the fight was called as a draw.  Whilst this was seen as contraversial in some quarters it allows for a rematch.

The Business Perspective

Fury is known for changing his style and disrupting his opponent.  Often he challenges convention.  Furthermore, even at his lowest point, he reinvented himself and reemerged stronger than before.

Therefore from a business perspective there is so much we can learn about his journey and how it would help your business transformation.  For example, his sporting persona exemplifies :-

  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Guile
  • Intelligence
  • Focus

The ability to realise your business transformation so that you achieve a business better suited to your market environment is central to business development and success.

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

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