We support our work with a guarantee.

Based on our own experience we understand that using a consultant involves a ‘leap of faith’.  

Generally, when you hire a consultant you have to base your decision on the consultant’s reputation and track record.   Even then, with the best informed decision you are taking a gamble whether you’ll get the results you’re after or not.

Therefore, to make this much easier for you, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.   Accordingly, this covers all our services with the exception of funding.  

Furthermore, the guarantee is really simple: If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our agreed outcomes then we will keep working until you’re happy at no additional cost.

Our only caveat is, that like in life, we can only guarantee those items within our control.

Likewise, we fully intend for you to be 100% happy with any service that you hire Romulus for.   Thus having this level of guarantee works for both of us.

Consequently, you will feel safer in using our services so you’re more likely to hire us!