“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

Romulus is here to help you to improve business efficiency. Of course creating a more efficient business isn’t always about cost reduction its about increasing value.

Recognising that your business is dynamic and exists in an ever changing environment we work to enable your business to adapt to the challenges it faces. Such as new technologies, new competitors, new staff etc etc.  Needless to say, in an ever shifting world, your business needs to be continually adapting. 

Therefore by working with you we will provide you with the tools and confidence to meet these challenges.  Furthermore, by working with you and your team we can holistically examine your current systems.   Our objective, is to generate increased year on year value through improving your existing approaches or through the introduction of new systems.  Needless to say all improvements that we identify will be discussed with you and will be implemented at your discretion.

Thus at Romulus Advisory we do not look to create business revolution but business evolution.  Specifically we recognise that all changes must be capable of being implemented otherwise they are simply unachievable concepts.

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