You don’t complete a jigsaw by focusing on one piece.  How many times have you lost sports matches by fixating on one variable at the expense of the bigger picture.  For example, obsessing about getting the ball to the winger.

It’s the same with a jigsaw, if I try and find a single piece in a 3,000 piece puzzle I am not being effective.  Likewise, it is not the right way to focus on business coaching / consulting.

I saw this great article on Forbes, which also looks at business coaching from a similar perspective.

I am often surprised at how many Life Coaches there are at networking events.  They focus on the person and yet they also offer business coaching.

Whilst I appreciate that these coaches bring skills to the table, I am not convinced labelling themselves as Business Coaches is particularly fair to their clients.


From my perspective, if I am looking for a business coach / consultant I am looking for someone who wants to understand my business.   I need them to understand how it functions and above all how they can make it function better so that I increase my return.

I understand that for many business owners the journey starts with YOU but that is not the total journey merely a starting point.  Simon Sinek’s philosophy is to start with your Why? This can be interpreted to be the business or the business owner however I don’t think its exclusively one or the other.

To me the business coach or consultant needs to understand how the business owner fits into the business equation. Their focus, however, is on making the output of the equation bigger by imrpoving the constituent variables not to focus on the single variable that is the business owner.

So yes, there is an element of psychology in business consulting however the majority of business consultation is about developing the business as a whole.


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