“Romulus introduced us to portfolio funding which allowed our business to expand and achieve our strategic objectives.” 

Ashley House plc


“Through their partnership approach and their business analysis Romulus have developed a growth strategy for us that will allow us more flexibility in the future.” 

Redbourn Physiotherapy


“As part of our wider team, Romulus undertook a real estate strategy that allowed us to deliver our services more appropriately and effectively to that area.”  

 NHS Foundation Trust


“We had struggled to fund our business plan however Romulus listened to our ideas and managed to provide a willing lender within 48 hours of our first conversation!” 

Throstle Construction Limited


“We were facing some challenging economic circumstances but Romulus came in and through their work we were given a new opportunity to grow.” 

Eluna Glass

Case Studies

Further examples below illustrate other work we have undertaken for clients.

Strategic Planning in the Not for Profit Sector

We were introduced to a not for profit client that was managing its operations by moving from one challenge to the next.

Following a few interactive sessions with the management team we have introduced a strategic planning process combined with a risk analysis model.  This has enabled the organisation to refocus on their operational activity which has enhanced its value both in financial terms but also in employee satisfaction.  The organisation is now forward looking that plans, adapts to and embraces change making it more effective at providing its services in an integrated and dynamic manner.

Developing Strategies for a challenged Property Developer

For a medium sized property developer that was facing financial challenges, we were brought in to consider strategic options.  Following our analysis we restructured the organisation so that it could fully utilise its resources and thus unlocked value that was within elements of the business. 

This enabled the business to pursue new opportunities and expand its operations.

Income growth for a social enterprise in SE London

For a social enterprise operating out of South East London that was pursuing a multi channel sales strategy with limited resources, we set the management a challenge.

Through some effective collaborative work we enabled the business to rationalise its product lines and promote its more effective products to enable the business to expand and develop a more sustainable base for future projects and grow organically at an appropriate time.

This gave the entity financial stability and a platform for growth.

Partners we have worked with.

Wilmott Dixon

Ashley House plc

Throstle Construction Limited

Redbourn Physiotherapy

CHUMS Charity

Redbourn Auto Solutions

Asteral Limited

Eluna Glass Limited

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