After a volatile week in Westminster, where do we go from here?

What do we know?

There is CURRENTLY no appetite for the PM plan.

Meanwhile, she is refusing to rule out No Deal Brexit despite what appears to be a parliamentary majority against it. In addition, she has publicly also ruled out any extension to Art 50 and a 2nd referendum.

Thus it seems that Plan B is Plan A but with a different letter.

Why does she stick to a No Deal or Her deal strategy?

Teresa May is not in business she is in politics.  Thus different rules apply.  Therefore, perhaps this analysis can assist in explaining her reticence to change?

Consequently, with Labour split as much as the Tories she is playing poker. She can rule out options and leave hers on the table until it becomes the least worst choice.  The challenge with this is that it becomes her legacy.

Where does that leave business?

Unfortunately as the recent call with the Chancellor demonstrated Business is clamouring for certainty (with caveats). Understandably, the main caveat is that Business cannot abide No Deal as the economic effects are so significant.

Therefore, we are faced with a further period of continuing uncertainty. Business cannot and will not maintain a holding pattern indefinitely.

Fundamentlly, business strategy applies risk analysis to compensate for uncertainty. Never have we needed more flexibility in our business strategies.

Whilst the politicians can afford Brexit Paralysis your business cannot. We need to develop risk strategies for the Brexit scenarios and move forward before stagnation sets in.